Important things you should know about Tinder – Online Pro Dating Tips

Important things you should know about Tinder – Online Pro Dating Tips

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a modern & classic most popular dating app. It has over 100,000,000+ downloads on google playstore and having 200k+ reviews on the same app. Tinder has become very popular among the youth in very short span of time because of its functionality and features. Tinder official claims that it has over 2 billions match available worldwide.

What makes Tinder different from other dating apps?

Unlike other dating apps, Tinder is very rich in features. Also, its user-experience is just simply awesome and none of any other app can meet its UI/UX. Most of the dating apps are flooded with either paid features or in-built advertisements which makes user experience poor and user can’t use it longer.

Also, Tinder built its trust level over the heart of its users. Mostly there are genuine peoples on Tinder who are looking for person for talking, hanging-out, good conversations, dating, meetings etc. Genuine user profiles is the major point for Tinder’s success.

What features Tinder app has?

User can simply add 1-5 profile pictures on the app. There is also a smart picture finder option which can sort your pictures in order as per its quality. You can set location (current location only), gender and age. You can choose the age-group and set maximum distance from peoples whom profile you wanna check out.

For example: When you set 50 miles/km distance and choose 20-25 age group for female members, you will get only those female member profiles as per your selection made i.e. 20-25 age under 50 miles/km from your current location.

Tinder is basically a app which focus on face value. If you have a nice face then there will be huge chance that you will get your match very soon. Otherwise, it will be harder on this app to find a match because of its complex logic.

But, the good point is that you can show your qualification, interests and other things into the bio (profile description) section. Also, you can link your Instagram account as well so that it can fetch your Instagram images automatically.

How does Tinder works?

Tinder working method is very different. I will explain you with an example so that you can understand easily if you are new on Tinder:

For example, There are two users named “John” (male); Katrina(female). On one day while using Tinder, John ‘right-swipe’ the profile of ‘Katrina’. Katrina will not get any notification that John likes her profile. Randomly on any other day or same day, Katrina came across John’s profile and she also ‘right swipe’ John. Now, when both ‘right-swipe’ each-other’s profile, they both will get notification says “Congratulations! It’s a match”. Now, chat-box will be open for both of them where they can have a conversation. That’s it.

Tinder Terminologies

Tinder function in very simple way. You will get user profiles as per your selections made in setting, then you can like, dislike, super like to same profile. Read the below terminologies so that you can understand tinder better:

a. Right Swipe: Use can right-swipe the user image. Right swipe means, you like the profile of the user. In short, by right swiping, you show your interest in that user profile.

b. Left Swipe: Unlike ‘right-swipe’, left=swipe indicates dislike.

c: Super Like: Super-like is mostly same as ‘right-swipe’ but it is done by ‘swipe-up’. Every free user get one super like in a day so once you super like someone’s profile, it indicates that you are highly interested in his/her profile. Also, when he/she will come across your profile later, he/she will also get to know that you have already super-liked him/her profile which makes chances more bright that he/she will also right-swipe your profile hence make a match.

d. Rewind: You can check out the previous (last swipe) user’s profile though you liked or disliked it.

e. Booster: Your profile will be shown to almost every person as per your choice in nearby region. You can buy the profile booster as well.

f. Match: When two person ‘Right Swipe’ or ‘Super Like’ each other, it will become a match. A match will get chat-box open so that conversations can be made.

g. Chat-Box: It is like Facebook chat box where both the users can talk to each other. Only text, emoticons can be sent in chat box. Chat-box opens for a match only.

Types of Tinder Memberships:

1. Free Memberships:
Tinder is free mobile applications with limited features. A free user will get below features:

  1. Limited number of right swip (like)
  2. One super like everyday
  3. No rewind option enable
  4. No profile booster
  5. User can’t change location other than current location
  6. Google Ads

2. Tinder Plus:
Tinder Plus is a premium membership of Tinder either monthly or annually. There are the below benefits of Tinder plus:

  • Unlimited number of likes
  • Profile reminder enable
  • 5 Super likes everyday
  • 1 profile booster every month
  • User can change location to anywhere in the world
  • User can hide her/his age & location
  • Control on your profile visibility & privacy
  • No ads

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3. Tinder Gold:
It is same as Tinder Plus membership but it has one more advanced feature that you will let to know if someone right-swipe (likes) your profile so that you can also ‘right-swipe’ its profile in order to become a match.

Please check out the below images of Tinder Gold membership:

Conclusion: Tinder Success Tips

Here are some of the tips which can help you to find your match on Tinder app:

1. Mostly peoples focus on profile first pic. only so better if you be very particular while selecting your profile picture, not only the front picture but all of the pictures you add on Tinder. Better if you add some pictures of outdoor as well.

2. Add a decent bio which show your qualification, interests and mention why are you Tinder either for hook-ups or only for finding some nice peoples.

3. Select distance and age group wisely. Always keep in mind, there will be a match only when both of you right-swipe (profile like) each-other. So always focus on less distance and same age group so that your profile can also show in their profile search.

Click here to download Tinder App from Google Playstore.

Always keep in mind, having or not having a match is also a matter of probability or you may say luck. So, don’t be upset if you don’t get your match on Tinder. Enjoy your life.

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